MDF The Label
A festive and engaged programme in the sign of film, dance, debates, slam, and DJ performances
9 → 11 July ’21
The annual Afropolitan Festival takes on a modified form in the current corona times. For this edition, Bozar is offering the public a festive Afropolitan Weekend, with a multidisciplinary programme of film, dance, debates, and slam and DJ performances.

Brussels director Marthe Djilo Kamga will present her new documentary on the black LGBTQI+ community in Belgium. MDF The Label, also from Brussels, will unveil its new dancehall choreography. The performances by the L-Slam collective and Lisette Lombé and the DJ/VJ show concocted by the Mandji association, with Rokia Bamba, Sarah Carlier, and Ben Richard will guarantee a festive atmosphere.

A debate gives the opportunity to question the under-representation of women of African descent while highlighting their growing influence at both community and social levels.

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Direction générale Coopération au développement et Aide humanitaire (DGD)
Belgian National Lottery


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