By now I imagine that most if not all of you are aware of the actions of Sweden’s Minister for Culture and an Afro Swede artist during a World Art Day event:

Here is a round up of a few reactions from the blogsphere:

Sweden: the country where racism is just a joke:

Racism and a living cake:

5 ways to eat your racist cake and have it too:

A Brussels-based anti-racism group has condemned Swedish culture minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth for cutting a “racist” cake at a Stockholm art museum, demanding the government issue a formal public apology:

On another note from Scandinavia, it’s almost time for the Helsinki Film Festival

Welcome to HAFF! African movies offer a great way to build bridges at a time when prejudice and racism are on the rise,” says festival director Wanjiku wa Ngugi:

Please add links to other posts about what happened in Sweden here.

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  1. Open Letter from Black Feminists: from Black Feminists: makes the cake episode so deeply offensive is the appropriation, by both artist and his audience, of African women’s bodies and experiences, while completely excluding real African women from the discourse. It is a pornography of violence: Antiracist Academy demands the resignation of the Swedish Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth: Gwynne Dyer: I’ll have a slice of clitoris cake, please: Black Swedish politician says in this feature, where are the feminists… Things are happening! This very respected photographer has withdrawn her donation of her work – this will wake up the debate! This piece has a “regular Swede” pointing out that the every day, casual racism that we all know exists, indeed does exist, it’s not just us being overly sensitive. 

  2. Melissa Harris-Perry video: Provocative Swedish artist highlights racial violence –

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