Founded by Nadine Thompson the woman who bought you Warm Spirit

As a socially-responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose will redefine empowerment in support of fulfilling individual purpose and vision through the marketing of exquisite, quality products illuminating body, beauty, style and spirit??? one person at a time.

Mission Statement
Through the development and marketing of highly differentiated, natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products; Soul Purpose is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources to empower people (with a focus on African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women). Our goal is to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain viable socially-responsible businesses that will create wealth, stimulate growth and revitalize minority and other communities across the country and globally.

Company Objectives
Soul Purpose Lifestyle was founded in 2007 by Nadine Thompson. The company is a direct sales and network marketing company specializing in self-care and wellness products.

The objectives of Soul Purpose Lifestyle are to:
??? be a leader in the development of beauty and personal care products in the United States.
??? foster and support entrepreneurial opportunities through the provision of direct sales and distribution networks.
??? be a socially-responsible company whose commitment to social values pervades the entire organization, from product design and manufacturing, to product delivery.
??? create a ???green company??? from the ground up…
beginning with our product line, our products will be natural and botanically based, as well as organic, and sulfate and paraben free.

we will use recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and a recycling program for all of our product containers for our customers and distributors.

??? partner with many members of the socially-responsible business community to provide a wide variety of goods and services to help us meet our core objectives

This opportunity is available to woman outside of the USA too. Learn how to join a new business in the beauty industry.

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