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Fundraiser for Two Cameroonian Families Relocated From Ukraine to Germany

Helping our Ukrainian Friends

Hi, I’m Kim and for the past month, my wife Sarah and myself have been helping families who have fled from Ukraine to Germany. Some have come alone but many have brought kids and also have dogs and cats who have made the difficult journey with them. All have arrived with next to nothing and so initially donations were for clothes and basic supplies. Now as our Ukrainian friends are gradually finding more permanent accommodation there is a need for furniture, pet supplies, and even kitchens, as in Germany rented places don’t have them! We are also working with John’s Red Bus. John has bought two vans and is making regular trips back and forth to the Polish border and into Ukraine to help a Dog shelter who are getting Ukrainian dogs to safety, an orphanage in Ukraine, and more. All donations are being carefully used to get the supplies people really need. Our previous fundraiser is now over and hence I’m starting this one. If you’ve already donated

THANK YOU!!!! Kim & Sarah

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