Self-care is not a new concept but it certainly has gone into overdrive since 2020. And we’re here for it! I am super grateful and fortunate to try new products as a result of being a blogger at Stockholm Beauty Week. I’m no influencer, beauty expert, or trained professional. What I am is the ULTIMATE consumer representing an oft too ignored segment of the beauty industry market. Well, I am here to do something about that.

What can I do? I can approach well-known brands here in Sweden and see if their products were made with ALL women in mind. Here are two that are! Gilda Liljeblad is the namesake skincare line you may know from Gilda Skolan. I’m a HUGE fan of both! The skincare leaves my skin feeling like silk as if it was just exfoliated. And the treatments in the school are first class.

Evy Technology, responsible for the decadent sunscreen is every melanated woman’s dream. Not only is it light and rich, it completely melts into the skin in the most luxurious way.

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