I love giving and receiving gifts. I like to give the gift that is so well suited, totally defines their personality, brings true joy, the recipient can’t believe I actually nailed it!


But I also need to be smart with money. Who doesn’t? I discovered eBates in 2006 and haven’t looked back. When you shop online using eBates you get a cash rebate. No joke.


And the stores offering rebates are actually stores where you want to buy. You trust them, you know they will deliver and provide quality items.


“Well who is going to remember to go to eBates before shopping online”, you grumble. Well I tell you, you don’t have to. Install the web browser button and you will be notified if your shopping qualifies for a rebate. Magic.


“I want to shop using my iPad or iPhone”, you say. Well you can. So no excuses for not getting cash back when you shop for others and dare I say, shop for yourself.


You know how good it feels to give a gift. Did you know you can give a gift that benefits someone else who needs you help?


I love to give the gifts that give more: affordably priced donations in the name of your loved one. Who needs more clutter? Give a gift that truly matters.


But if you are going to buy clothing, jewelry or household items, you can buy fair trade AND donate food at the same time. Win, win! Visit Greater Good for a huge selection of gifts or items for yourself or opportunities to give that will leave you feeling good. The person you gifted will feel good too!

This is how I give and get with meaning and savvy.

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