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Irene Ekelund in Sweden is the 2013 World Youth Championships in Athletics – Girls’ 200 metres








Irene Ekelund is a Swedish track and field sprint athlete, who competes for Kils AIK. She currently holds the Swedish indoor record in 200 metres. At the Swedish National Indoor Championships in Norrköping 2013, Ekelund won gold medals in the distances 60 metres and 200 metres. Her international debut took place in the indoor-international between Sweden, Finland and Norway in Växjö, Sweden at January 20, 2013. On 14 July 2013 Ekelund won the gold medal at the World Youth Championships in Donetsk when she finished first in the 200 metres final. It was also the first gold medal for Sweden in a sprint event in a global championship ever.


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  1. known worldwide as one of the top long distance runner and this year’s 5000M gold winner of the World Championships in Athletics.

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