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SSES at European Business Plan of the Year

Kendra getting up close and personal with the local butter at the Borough Market

Kendra getting up close and personal with the local butter at the Borough Market.

SSES was represented on June 7-9 at the London Business School by Kendra Williams-Valentine. Her business idea for flavoured cultured sweet cream butter, tentatively called ‘Better Butter’ left left judges and competitors skiing for more in the finals of the European Business Plan of the Year Competition.

Kendra has developed a special process for making the butter where she can meld organic ingredients to create unique flavour profiles. She had a couple of delicious varieties with her in London that were served to the jury after her presentation – on knäckebröd, of course – and later the same night to her competitors with a barbecue dinner, showcasing the versatility of the product.

The team didn’t make it all the way this time but with the support and valuable feedback from the jury Kendra felt like they came out as the winning team anyway. “We of course would have preferred a win, but I am certainly not ashamed of the reason why we did not, the business concept and team are genuine. We got so much enthusiasm and great feedback from everyone, I feel like ‘I’ should have paid out a cash prize myself.” On representing SSES Kendra said “it was great to represent SSES at the competition; it was easy to see how interdisciplinary cooperation shapes SSES contenders to stand out from a crowd of the more traditional MBA students.”

Dr. Terrence Brown who coached the team and noted that “The jury had no doubt this business could succeed. The only question was how big Kendra wanted to take it. The only strong critique centred on why she was not already selling the product.”

Congratulations to Kendra, and we are looking forward to trying or better still, buying Better Butter.

Editor’s note: I know Kendra and am so proud of her! I have been fortunate enough to taste her cooking and am looking forward to her new venture. It is sure to be tasty.

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