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Peagie Woobay

Peagie Woobay: Sweden


I became pregnant at the age of 15. However, I never allowed the pregnancy to doom my future because I was determined, strong and ambitious and wanted to succeed in life. I could not have done so, however, without the support I had from my parents and extended family network. I know I was very lucky indeed because of this support. In contrast, over 90% of pregnant teenage girls in Sierra Leone, especially those from the provinces, do not have that kind of support.

My aim in telling my story is to reach out and help girls in such seemingly helpless situations. Furthermore, my story also appeals to parents who find themselves dealing with pregnant teenage daughters not to abandon them but to support their girls by enabling them to go back to school and complete their disrupted education. My Story is in no way intended to encourage teenage pregnancy, but to share my experience with teenage girls in Sierra Leone who get pregnant while in school to know that such an unfortunate and devastating circumstance may not mean the end of their dreams.

Peagie Woobay

Read more about Peagie and the fantastic works she does to help girls in Sierra Leone with the Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund.

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