Stylanvia Creations by Christelle Lothaire

Born in 1981, of west Indian origin, I always lived in France in the Paris region. Since childhood, I had decided that later I would create my own clothes.

As soon as I had possibility of it, I went to school of mode the Thistle Chardon Savard in Paris where I taught it and developed the job of fashion designer. At the exit of this school, I made my personal experience by participating in festivals of mode, fashion parades – competition as FIMA in Niger.

When I saw my own procession creations, hit by models and especially heard the positive comments on my creations. I decided to create my brand of clothes for woman Stylanvia.

My brand is born in 2007, creations are marked by the urban world, good on the African / West Indies world where from I have my origins and the elements which composes the yesterday, today’s world and tomorrow.

My first collection includes all pieces of a wardrobe. It is a summer collection. Inspired by West Indies, mix of Madras, English embroidering with the satin and the muslin. Backs are emphasized by cuts. Flowers hibiscus, balisier are painted in the hand.

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  1. hello where exactly in the west indies is she from
    I am from Niger where the Fima happened
    and by the way there was a mistake at the bottom of your post the link to the myspace page is not working

  2. Black Women in Europe

    Thanks for reporting a bad link I’ve fixed it and will put it here as well:

    Now you will be able to contact her directly ti find out where exactly in the West Indies she hails.

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