About Strange Fruit:

Strange Fruit

A place where modern, fun, and imaginative greetings cards are made. All of our cards are created* and printed in England and reflect Great Britain’s colourful population.

Strange Fruit know a greeting card is so much more than a piece of card folded in two with a picture on it. It is a moment, an emotion ‘captured’ and sent to share love, luck, laughter and sometimes loss. A card is being there when you are not there and stays there when you have gone. With a Strange Fruit card you can do all that in colour; not just technicolour or Pantone but in lovely shades of brown.

Strange Fruit is a small but mighty greeting card publisher run by husband and wife team Denise and Cory Rawls. We work from a studio in our east London home where you’ll find Denise doing all the creative stuff. Cory has the mathematical mind; so he is in charge of sales, legal and financial things.

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