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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – Austria – Yemeha

Yemeha is a 20 years old Ghanian young lady girl born and raised in Austria, Vienna and Klagenfurt. She is a “fresh(wo)men” at university studying diplomacy. Her blog is mainly a combination of ideas and thoughts, mainly hers and those of other people, which she find inspirational. You will also find a lot of fashion or political issues posted on it, this is traced back to her strong interest in both.

Here is a lovely note I received from her:

Thank you very much for being so involved in this important subject of Black Women in Europe, before I got to know this Group, I didn’t really think much about other females/black people in other European countries(i.e.: Sweden, Poland, Spain,…). All I was concerned with was the African-Austrian History and political issues. I once more want to make my appreciation of this movement and group clear: Thank you!

Greetings from Vienna


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