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When I finally moved to Sweden, I realised that there was more to Sweden than the cold weather.

Yolanda Mthembu
Yolanda Mthembu, PhD Candidate University of Gothenburg (Sahlgrenska Academy)

Describe your roll at the company, and briefly your background / experience of living and working in other countries.

– I am from South Africa and I am a Marie Curie Fellow, currently undertaking a PhD at the Biomedicine Institute at Gothenburg University in Sweden after having been awarded an Initial Training Network (ITN) grant. My previous education include a BSc Honours (Medicine) Biochemistry, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Cape Town as well as a Bachelor Degree and National Diploma in Biomedical Technology from Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town.

What expectations did you have before moving to Sweden?

– I first visited Sweden in 2011 for a research collaboration project. Prior to the trip to Sweden, I had a brief understanding of the Swedish culture. My first impression was that everything was expensive; the weather was very cold, wet and dark. The language was too hard to understand, and funny too.

– I never imagined that I would stay in Sweden, although the prospect of me pursuing a PhD in Sweden or any other country, besides my own, would have been a positive move for my career. People seemed cold, kept to themselves and did not speak to each other, at least in my observation.

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